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App Store Available on Your HTC HD2


By Envset on Senin, 21 Juni 2010 with 3 comments
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Many of you Keep asking where to find apps for the HD2, however Windows Mobile has thousand of applications and games available, you just got to know were to look.

marketplace This App Stores comes with most windows 6.0 (and up) phones so in case you haven't notice the HD2 has it by default but in case you dont have it. Get It Here

handangoThis App Store has been available for a while for the windows mobile platform, I think it was the first app store for windows mobile. Get It Here

handangoThis App Store is by Kinoma Play, the app store is within the application along with thousands of features. Get It Here

handangoThis App Store is by freewarepocketpc.net this is where you will find all of your free apps. Get It Here

Moreover this apps, there is also app store for your windows mobile phones is O!Market and recomended for You. You can see there

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3 komentar:

Pujiantoro mengatakan...
28 Juni 2010 20.44

Konfirmasi :D
Url telah kami tambahkan pada daftar posting.


Envset mengatakan...
28 Juni 2010 23.52

makasih om atas konfirmnya

oempak mengatakan...
1 Juli 2010 18.26

I havent try this kind of App Store, but I'll look after that, thanks :)

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