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WindowsMobile-to-Android (XDANDROID) Updated to Encompass Froyo 2.2


By Envset on Senin, 28 Juni 2010 with 0 comments
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winmo androidThe popular project transformation Windows Mobile-to-Android (XDANDROID) never end, recently new project has added to the list of Android builds for which there is now a port available.

Due to its alpha state, the build is likely to be quite unstable and not everything works efficiently. babijoee released the build as soon as possible once the Froyo AOSP was made available to developers, with hopes that users can provide useful testing feedback with regard to Android 2.2.

changelog for xdandroid 2.2 AOSP

* WiFi - "loads" but can't scan for networks
* Bluetooth - interface hangs in configuration (need to fix init.rc)
* Power management - Something wakes the phone up immediately, have to look into it
* SD Card - I have to find a working config for Android to recognize this
* bzo: anything to do with GPS will cause a crash
* Updated apns.xml so GPRS is automatically used if detected. ( d/c randomly and connects )
* Accelerometer works
* Keyboard works
* Some G-Apps work
* Brightness control works
* Added lugiber boot-animation
* Scepterr: net location works, NetworkLocation.apk needs to be signed with platform-key
* Adding linpack and Quadrant benchmark programs for testing ( only built in for now. will be removed in future and more stable packs )
* Sound works in apps
* 3D works
* So far no boot loop
* So far wifi scans now and is trying to get ip-address. Now looking into DCHP
* Speakerphone works
* Headset works


Remove the system.ext2 or system.sqsh and replace it with this one in the root of your dir.

bundle package
Download this 21.6.10 2.1 build if you already haven't and use as a base.

old package/system


Update the rootfs as it contains the new fixes for froyo.


More Info

*what you do is risk, we are not responsible

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