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Skype on the 3 Network Outside of UK Available Now


By Envset on Rabu, 07 Juli 2010 with 0 comments
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winmo android Are you on the 3 network outside of UK?
Got an android phone and can't avail of your 4000 free skype minutes p/m as there is no Skype on 3 apk available where you are?

As you might know, an official 3Skype apk is only available on 3UK, which I have attached should anyone need it (it only works in the UK).

There is no Skype on 3 apk here in Ireland and, as far as I know, no app in Oz, Italy, Sweden, Austria...and wherever else Hutchinson 3G operates!

Over the last few years, Skype has proven to be a very useful application, particularly when you don’t want to use your plan minutes. Unfortunately, there are many network providers who will block these kind of services to charge the customer (you and I) as much as possible.

These modded Iskoot apks are for 3Ireland, 3Australia, 3Italy, 3Denmark & 3Austria (attached to this post). Simply install it, no root or adb needed. You are now able to make your free skype calls! Please test and report in this thread.

If there is interest from elsewhere, I will tweak it for your country too, just post a request here.

There are a couple of things I should mention:
1. The apk will drain your battery fast as it constantly connects to server.
2. It does not refresh the connection properly, so after you have made a skype call your received calls get routed through Iskoot servers, costing you skype credit on received calls.

Here's how you can make it work 100% flawlessly for you:
1. In the Iskoot apk - check "Sign in automatically".
2. Leave the "receive calls" box unchecked.
3. Install "Setting Profiles Lite" (free) from the market. Link here
4. In Setting Profiles Lite - Go to rules > press menu button > new rule > add condition > shedule period.
3. Set "On for 2 min every 45 minutes".
4. Add action > run application > "Skype".
5. "Do on rule enter - Start App"; "Do on rule exit - Kill App".
6. Done.

This will autostart the app every 45 min, letting it run for 2 min, then kill it. Received calls will be free and still get pushed to your phone, even when the app's been killed (you will always show as online to your Skype contacts). Whenever you need to make a call - just start the app manually, then kill it with your task killer when you're done. Your battery consupmtion will hardly even be affected. Enjoy!



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