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Kaspersky Pure Final Patching with Anti BlackList


By Envset on Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010 with 0 comments
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Kaspersky  Pure - a new product of Kaspersky Lab to protect your files, as well as from the impact of malware, as well as from random acts.
As part of Anti-enabled component control programs, which together with Proactive Defense and Firewall which provides universal protection against any threats. Component registers the actions made by programs in the system, and regulates their activities on the basis of what degree of confidence assigned to them. Component controls access to personal user data, to parameters and objects of the operating system, and prevents the execution of programs of dangerous actions in the system.
A new component of IM-Virus provides security while working with the majority of programs for instant messaging. Component checks messages for malicious objects. The mechanism of start of third-party programs in the protected virtual environment - a safe environment. Start the Internet browser in a secure environment provides security view of Web resources, including protection against penetration of malicious programs on your computer and protect user data from unauthorized modification and deletion, as well as the ability to delete all the objects accumulated over a session on the Internet: time files, cookies, history of visiting web pages, etc.
Also included in the module testing options, which is operated by Web Anti-Virus. The module checks all links on a Web page, it belongs to the suspicious and web addresses. The module is built into Web browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as a plug. Control access to phishing Web sites and protection from phishing attacks carried out by checking the references contained in messages and on Web pages, and when trying to access Web sites on the basis of phishing URLs. Check for membership to the database of phishing URLs is available for Web Anti-Virus, IM-Virus and Anti-Spam. In the task list check the new tool - search, which makes it easier to find and eliminate security threats and vulnerabilities in the programs installed on your computer and operating system settings.
New interface: A new approach to security management - the center of defense. Protecting your computer is provided in three areas: files and personal user data, the objects of the operating system and programs installed on your computer, as well as work on the network. For each area of protection corresponds to a different set of components of Kaspersky Internet Security. Using the Advocacy Center, the user can assess which component is involved in the protection of certain categories of resources, and move quickly to set up its parameters.

System Backup backs up your critical files to the user (by default all the folders of documents) for any resource: external drive, local drive, network drive, ftp-server. There is also a secure storage of passwords, which is encrypted strong key

The system networking allows administratirovat computers with installed Kaspersky Total Security. You can find out what security threats are from a particular computer on the LAN. You can remotely run a full scan of a remote computer. There is also a new mechanism for updates: now all computers can be updated from a local update server, ie with the computer that downloads a database with the update servers and provides opportunity to update databases of other computers on the LAN.

OS: Windows All
Language: English
License: Full version with key (if download patch)
Size: 100 Mb

Download Kaspersky Pure
Download Patch + Anti blackList
Key july 20th 2010

01. Run "pure9.0.0.192en.exe" as administrator to start insallation.

02. Follow on screen instructions and activate PURE 30 days trail version.

03. After completing installation,

04. Open PURE > Click on license (Bottom middle) > Copy "License Validity Period expired" to a text file.
Eg: Mine is 10(Month)/16(Day)/2010(year) ----> This is when my PURE will expire
On the same window you can find red cross mark to delete the activated trail license, click on it and
delete your 30days trail license.(yes, I'm right. You have to delete that license)

05. Open PURE
Settings > Self-Defense > Uncheck (Disable) Self-Defense > Apply and OK to save changes
Click on "My Computer Protection"
Settings > Protection > uncheck (Disable) Protection > Apply and Ok to save changes.
Got to system tray > Right click on Kaspersky PURE and EXIT (make sure PURE is not running)

06. Run Kaspersky Hybride Pure-Internet Security 1.4.exe
07. Run Anti BlackList
08. Done. (Don't forget return to default setting)

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